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I turned my period into a business.

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You know how adults love saying that you are never too young to plan for your future? Well, I’m 14 years old, and always wondered why adults expected me to have my life figured out when I’m so young. Then I realised that they meant that you are never too young to think about what you want to be in the future, and to start acting on your plans. For instance, if you want to be a doctor, you know you have to study hard and really excel at maths and science. Thinking about my future and the success story I want to be, I started looking for inspiration and opportunities to become a business person.

I found it the day I got my period. My sister, who is 16, introduced me to an amazing menstrual cup called GentiShe. It’s a cup you use to catch blood when you’re on your period. You can use it more than once, so it’s more affordable than pads. But what attracted us to the cup was that it offered us a business opportunity. We thought as awesome as the cups are, they needed a cute fabric bag to be stored in. So we started making bags for the company that sells the cups. The cups didn’t come with instructions on how to use it properly, which was another opportunity for us. Now we make bags and print instruction leaflets for the company. Bags cost R15 each, while we charge R5 for a leaflet.

One of our biggest orders was for 500 bags, which earned us R7500. We are currently producing 10 000 bags for a client in Swaziland. That’s R150 000.

So, you see? It’s true that you are never too young to plan your future and act on it now. Instead of thinking of being young as a challenge, use it as a business opportunity because if you think about it, there aren’t a lot of products made for girls by girls. It makes our ideas that much more powerful!

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