Is your confidence in check?

Tips to boost your confidence.

Your thoughts (74) Is your confidence in check?

Hey Queen. Yes, you. You’re a queen. You are #awesome even if you don’t always feel confident. So here are tips to boost your confidence when it’s running low.

Focus on your strengths We all have something we’re really good at. It can be athletic, creative or academic. Or your character, like being the kind of person who remembers birthdays or always happy to help. Write little notes with your talents and qualities and stick them around your bedroom. Make them pretty and creative by drawing colourful flowers, stars and symbols.

Dare yourself What are scared of? Is there challenge you want to overcome or a skill you want to learn? Learning new things like how to swim, sew or dance or mastering what we already know, like improving your marks at school, boosts confidence. Pushing yourself further helps you to believe in yourself!

Pump it up Jump out of bed every morning, play your favourite song and dance like no-one is looking! Other people have a specific song they use to boost their confidence, like Roar, Run the World (Girls), Formation.

Celebrate yourself You are important and you matter. You are unique, which makes you beautiful. Always celebrate yourself whether your achievement is small, putting an extra R5 in your savings box, or big, like becoming head of the class.

Set small goals The journey of a thousand kilometers starts with one small step. If you want to do something big, like save your first R100, get A’s at school, or be healthier, you have to start with little goals you can get to easily. Let’s say you want to improve your marks - Instead of watching all your favourite shows after school, watch only two that you really love, and use the rest of the time to study.

Lastly, be kind to yourself. Celebrate what you’re good at and work towards improving where you’d like to grow. When you see your power everywhere, even in small milestones, you remember that you slay! And that’s the ultimate confidence booster.

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