Why making the first move is totally cool!

Who says it always has to be the guy?

Why making the first move is totally cool!

Heart racing, palms sweaty, not knowing what to say - sound familiar? Having a crush can be really exciting!

But what do you do when they won't take the next step and ask you out?

Instead of waiting around for him to make the first move - these girls took the lead and asked out their crush.

Here’s why asking your crush out is totally cool!

1. Confidence is cool!

Lucie knew she liked Les from the moment she saw him in class. Her friends said she should wait for him to ask her out, that she might feel embarrassed. But Lucie got tired of waiting, so she sent him a text one day asking him if he wanted to go get something to eat.

Les wrote back instantly. Lucie is so glad she made the first move and Les always tells her that her confidence and knowing what she wants is what attracts him to her.

2. He might never have the guts to ask

Turns out boys can be just as shy and scared to ask their crush out. By speaking up about your feelings your crush might feel relieved and much less nervous.

So if you’re feeling someone, and you’re a bit more outgoing, making the first move is your best bet.

Asha had a crush on Imran from her choir for months. But everytime she approached him, he would get shy and walk away.

Asha took control and left a note in his bag asking him out for ice cream after choir next week.

Imran was so happy and told her he is so glad she asked as he had wanted to for months but would of never had the guts to.

3. Your love life is about YOU!

It’s easy to worry about what people will think or how he might feel - but you have to be true to what you feel. Creating the love life you want starts with you!

Emi had started to have feelings for her brother's friend Nash. The feelings didn’t go away, so she asked him on a date.

After a few dates she realised that she didn’t like him romantically. Emi is so glad she made the first move, so she could know for sure and explore other things again.

Things might not always go to plan. Your crush might not share your romantic feelings - and that's okay! Most people will just feel flattered, but if they say anything negative, then they weren't going to be a good fit for you. You should feel proud you were honest with your feelings and never apologise for that.

You have the power to create the new norm - so ask your crush out and watch as more girls around you feel inspired to do it too!

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