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How fun is the internet? My bestie Ntombie and I love it: we get cool information, look for fashion inspiration and, of course, connect on Facebook.

Fun as it is, there is also another side to going online; a not so fun side. It can be scary - as Ntombie recently found out. While on Facebook, she got a friend request from a guy in our school. At first he was cool, liking her pictures and updates. Things changed when he took it to the DMs. This is when someone stops talking to you on your wall, and uses private messaging instead.

He asked for her number, saying that he wants to meet her and take her out for ice cream. When she said no, he kept sending her messages even when she asked him to stop. The more she asked him to leave her alone, the more he persisted. He even called her names and would sometimes send her pictures that were inappropriate, like nudes.

Luckily, Ntombie and I know that you can always block an online pests. This got us thinking about online safety and how important it is for us girls to protect ourselves from Facebook and social media friends who end up bugging us. When you block someone they can’t send you messages, see your wall or write on it. They won’t see your posts,or tag you.

How cool?

You can block someone by going to your settings. There, click on Privacy Shortcuts. Click on Blocking to add the name of the person who want to block. After this, hit the Block button and hey presto, your pest is gone.

If blocking doesn’t help. You can report the person who is bugging, and Facebook will remove their profile from the site if they’re violating the Facebook Community Standards. One of the rules Facebook has for users is that they cannot send unwelcome sexual comments, messages and pictures. If someone does this to you, report them and Facebook will remove their profile.

So, how do you report someone who is bugging you?

  • Open the conversation you want to report
  • Tap the person’s name at the top of page
  • Click Block or Report
  • Choose Report Conversation
  • Choose your reason for blocking the person and then click send.

When it comes to going online, remember that your safety is the most important thing. To make your profile free from pests, check out Facebook online safety tips to help you manage your privacy settings, like how to choose who sees your photos and posts on your Facebook.

Remember, you have the right to not be harassed and to block and report a person who harrases you.

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