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To help keep our community safe.

Your thoughts (29) Technology gave us a voice

Hey, girls! You know what’s awesome about us? We can change the world, own businesses, uplift each other and create a better world. To see this power at work, we need to stand together. Like Tara, Tara, Meritxell and Sarika. They are classmates. They wanted to make communities safer for everyone, but especially girls. So they went to their teacher and mentor Mala with an idea — what if they could turn smartphones into a tool that will protect girls when they’re in danger?

So they created an app called Safety Line. If you are in danger, or suspect that someone wants to harm you, you can use the app to send a notification to the police, and it tells them where you are. The app has a panic button to send a message that you need help, a map screen to track where you are and a list of emergency numbers you can dial directly from the app. The app allows you to post that you need help on Twitter and Facebook!

They are still testing the app so it’s not available to everyone just yet. But if you are in danger, or suspect someone is following you, you can call ChildlineSA on their 24/7 Toll Free Helpline: 08 000 55 555.

In the meantime, Safety Line has opened other doors for them. They entered the Technovation Challenge competition which encourages girls to work with technology. This took them to tech events in America and Britain.

“The opportunities we got through Safety Line have made us proud. We hope this will motivate other girls to join in. There are not many girls in tech, but we believe that it needs to change and that starts with us,” the girls say.

Come on Springsters. Let’s say it loud and proud: Yes we can!

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To all young ladies please girls know that u beautiful and gorgeous.. Believe in urself I lv u all

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