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Sexual violence is never your fault!

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Girls, we need to talk about something super serious but important. Sexual violence. This is any sexual act that’s unwanted. Like rape, unwanted sexual comments, being attacked for your sexuality and human trafficking.

Sexual violence isn’t ok and it is never your fault - remember that I was raped on my way back home from a pen’s down party. The guy who did it is schoolmate I had a crush on. I was flattered when he started flirting with me at the party. When people found out what happened, they said I was lying because they saw us kissing at the party.

This is what a lot of girls who survive any form of sexual violence hear a lot. It’s our fault because we were drinking. We asked for it by getting into a guy’s car, our clothes were too short or tight. We lead guys on. We dance like we want sex. We don’t say no loudly, or we don’t mean it when we say no.

As a survivor of sexual abuse I saw how much blame was put on the survivor, but I know this wasn’t my fault. Just like I know it’s never a girl’s fault when she experiences sexual violence!

If you are survivor, find someone you trust to talk to, such as a friend, parent or teacher who can help you identify the next steps you should take and how to report this if you feel safe and comfortable to do so. .

The person to trust to speak to could also be a counsellor or psychologist who can help with how you are feeling. Childline and Lifeline offer 24/7 counselling at 0800 555 55 and 0861 322 322.

Remember that experiencing sexual violence is never your fault. No matter who says what.

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