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5 signs your friendship has reached BFF level.

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You and your chomie have known each other since forever, but you’re still not sure if you’re besties. Here are signs that say BFF.

  1. You’re the first person she calls when she has news to share from things like having a crush, losing transport money, getting a pimple or getting really good grades. Besties talk about everything.

  2. You no longer feel insecure when if she takes a long time to respond to your SMSs and WhatsApp messages because you know she’s not ignoring you.

  3. You call each other for no reason at all. You just want to hear their voice, tell them about how you almost burned a meal, what Bonang wore… just about anything really.

  4. You can be honest without hurting each other. Like when you want a hairstyle that doesn’t look good on you. Instead of laughing at you, she says something like, “I saw a super hot hairstyle that’s going to be so perfect for you.”

  5. They trust you with their secrets. Whenever she tells you her secrets, you listen to her and comfort her. She tells you about her crush, her dreams and aspirations.

That’s being besties in a nutshell. You’re like sisters, only from different mothers.

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