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We’ve all heard the words, “self-love is the best love”. It makes loving and accepting yourself seem easy and not at all like the long (and sometimes hard) journey that it really is.

If it were easy everyone would be happy, confident and emotionally well. But everyone isn’t, instead every day we find different reasons to be mean to ourselves. Being nice to your body takes work and you have to want to be emotionally well.

Here are four ways to improve your relationship with yourself this year

Surround yourself with people who lift you up:

In 2018, keep people around who make you a better person and support your dreams. Not all the people in your life will be a positive influence but the people who make up your inner circle should be.

Keep people close who make you laugh, celebrate your successes and lift you up when you’re low. People are like energy - surround yourself with good energy.

Do well at school:

If you want to do well with your school work this year form a study group with your friends. If you are studying at a FET college, meet up with your classmates to practice and revise what you learned. That way you and your friends are influencing each other to do well.


Find it inside of you to forgive those who hurt you last year. Maybe a friend disappointed you or she said mean things to you during a fight. Forgiving the people who hurt you is good for you because it allows you to let go of the bad emotions that you are carrying inside you. When you forgive you feel lighter and you don’t allow people to have control over how you feel.

Most importantly forgive yourself. If you disappointed yourself this year by not working hard enough or allowed yourself to be distracted from your work. That’s in the past now.

Let go of everything that didn’t go your way or hurt you last year. And let go of your feelings of self-doubt. Don’t stand in your way by clinging to the pain.

Define your own success:

It’s so easy to get lost in the success of others. We see our friends doing well and compare ourselves to them. When you compare yourselves to others you always seem to fall short.

Instead of focusing on what others have, focus on achieving your goals at your own pace. If you are chasing after other people you will lose sight of your goals and achievements.

Write what you want to achieve this year down and put it up on your wall to remind you every day what you are working towards.

Make happiness and self-love a daily resolution.

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