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Your thoughts (48) Quiz – To post or not to post?

Joking and teasing is a normal thing between friends, and on social media, we can get really creative with it – with all the funny memes and videos we can use. But if we’re not careful, we might unintentionally offend someone with our posts. Take this quiz to help you decide if you should post something or not!

You want to post something that would make fun of your friend.

1. Does your post target any insecurity that your friend may have?

A. No (proceed to 2)
B. Yes. (stop)

Girl, stop right there. Joking about someone’s insecurities is one of the easiest ways you can hurt them. This could be seen as a form of bullying. Let’s stay away from sensitive topics like that, okay?

2. Does your post contain any of your friend’s private info or photos?

A. Nope. (proceed to 3)
B. Yes. (stop)

Whoops! This is a big no-no as it could put your friend in danger. They could become a target of online trolls. Plus, it’s not fair for you to share private info that’s not yours.

3. Does your post contain any profanity or abusive language?

A. What? NO! (proceed to 4)
B. Yes. (Stop)

There should be no room for bad language like that on your wall. Let’s keep our online spaces positive by keeping our words positive.

4. Are you REALLY sure your friend won’t find this offensive?

A. For sure! (Go to Result A)
B. Not really. (Go to Result B)

Result A: POST IT!

Seems like a harmless post to us. Go ahead and hit send!


If you’re still not sure, put yourself in your friend’s shoes. If this was done to you, would you feel insulted? This should always help you decide.

Hope this guide was able to help you control your posts. Even when we’re only joking around, let’s use social media responsibly.

If a friend posts a picture you don’t like, what would you do? Let us know on the comment section.

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