Protect your password

Stay super safe online…

Protect your password

Being online is like real life — it’s amazing but it can also be an unsafe space. This is why it’s important to have a secure password for accounts like your email, Facebook and Springster. A password is a secret code that protects the information you store on your phone or a computer. Most websites and phones need a password. This might be a four number code (PIN), numbers, letters, and symbols. These tricks will help you to be safer online:

  1. Have different passwords for your accounts.

  2. Don’t share your passwords with anyone — not even your bestie or bae.

  3. Cover your password with your body when you type it at an internet cafe.

  4. For a PIN, choose 4 numbers that are special to you but that would be hard for someone else to guess, like the day you started saving or went back to school.

  5. Don’t use the last 4 numbers of your phone number or the same 4 numbers, like 2222.

  6. Use symbols and terms you’ll remember easily but that no one would guess, like your favourite book or song.

  7. Start each word with a capital letter and put a number at the end, like GandaGanda2003. You can also replace some letters with symbols, for example G@ndaG@nda2003.

  8. Don’t use the names of your family, friends, pets, and don’t even think about using your birthday, phone number, hometown or school.

  9. Lastly, never write your password down in a place where someone can easily find it.

That’s how you can be safer online!

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