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Hey Springsters. Let’s take a moment to think back to the beginning of the year. We were excited to make 2017 the best year ever. Like a lot of people we made new year’s resolutions. Maybe you wanted to study harder, be healthier or finally learn how to start saving. Maybe you reached your goals, or, like me, you fell off track. If you didn’t reach all the goals you set for yourself when the year started, don’t feel bad. According to reports, 92% of us don’t stick to all our New Year’s resolutions. But you know what? There is still lots of time to get back on track because it’s never too late to try again. How? With these three simple steps you can still reach your goals.

Get your friends involved
Do you know what really helps when you need to stick to your goals? Friends...because we are stronger when we stand together. Friends support us and motivate us to do better. They help build our confidence by reminding us that we can do anything when we put our minds to it. Share your goals with your friends and help remind each other of your goals. For example, if your plan was to be healthier, you could get your friends together to jog, and watch you all get healthier and achieve goals together.

Say goodbye to a bad habit
By cutting out bad habits, like spending a lot of time on your phone or watching TV when you should be studying, you will have more time to work on your goals.

So your self-esteem took a dip when your school work was not doing well and you wanted to improve your marks? This is how you get back on track.

Say you watch TV for 3 hours every day. Cut back an hour and put it into your studies and homework. You’ll still enjoy TV, but you will also be working on your goal of improving your marks. The moment you start to see your marks sky rocketing, your self-esteem will build up because you’ll be feeling proud of yourself.

Believe in yourself
You have the power to do anything! How? By believing in yourself! Make a note to yourself saying “Yes I can” or “I got this”. Put it on the mirror and say those words out loud every time you look at the mirror. We are what we believe. Believe that you are awesome (because you really are), and you will soon be slaying your goals.

Ready to start again? Awesome. Remember, when it comes to goals, the most important step is to get started, and keep going.

You got this!

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