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Dear Karabo

Wow, we’ve been through a lot. You’ve carried me through the hard times. For the past 6 years you’ve been with me during my best moments,. I’m writing you this letter because after everything we’ve been through - I want you know how much I appreciate you.

I appreciate the little things: how you are my dance partner whenever my favourite song comes on. How you always respond to my messages (even when you are busy). How you are the brains behind every photo I’ve ever posted. Thank you for “lending” me your clothes whenever I have nothing to wear - I promise I’ll return your jeans before we turn 30 (lol).

Thank you for always supporting and believing in me. You never let me doubt myself - you are that voice in my head that whispers words of encouragement when I need them. Having you by my side, cheering me on, has helped me face my fears.

The year my dad passed away was so hard on me. I don’t think I could have gotten through it without you and your phone calls late at night or your messages telling me that you were there for me or the times that you spent just sitting with me, saying nothing. You helped me heal - what a wonderful gift.

Things haven’t been easy for you lately and it breaks my heart to see you struggling. I’m sorry that you didn’t get the bursary you wanted to study at Wits University but don’t lose hope because you are brilliant. There are other bursaries and scholarships out there and I will help you with your applications.

I want you to know that I’m here for you (the way that you’ve always been here for me). When life gets too much remember that I’m a text away. You aren’t going through this alone because you have me, you will always have me. I’m here for the good times and the bad times, for the laughter and the tears.

Who knew that when we met on the first day of high school we would be best friends? I sure didn’t. But I’m grateful Mr Zwane made us sit next to each other on that first day because, look at us now - 6 years later and our bond is stronger than ever. You are the sister that I never had but always wanted.

It will get better my friend.

Love, Tina

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