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We all have something that we’re good at that we were born with. It can be singing, dancing, writing or painting. Talent is a natural gift and ability...something you just get without anyone having to teach you or show you how it’s done. It’s also something you can use to make money.

Oratile discovered her sewing talent when she was 8. Her dolls needed clothes (lots of them) so she started making them herself. By time she got to high school, she was sure that she loves making things with her hands. So she joined a recycling club, where they’d turn old plastic, paper, cardboards and glass bottles into items like toy houses and Jewellery.

Oratile, who loves being different, decided to work with old street banners and event posters to turn them into cushions. Her work was so good, her teachers and classmates encouraged her to think about selling them. She now has a business called CushiCushi. Her cushions are R25 each, and she sells them at markets in Soweto and Pretoria.

Maybe unlike Oratile, your talent is numbers; so good with maths, science and accounting that you are also top of your class. You can earn from it by teaching extra lessons on weekends. If you’re good at drawing, you can start making signs for businesses and organisations in your community...the possibilities are endless.

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Do good business

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