Healthy body + happy mind

Little things you can do daily to be healthier.

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When our bodies and minds are healthy, we become happier. My sister calls it the mind-body connection. This is the belief that our thoughts and feelings can have a negative or positive impact on how we function. Want to improve your own mind-body connection?

Drink more water: Say bye to sugary drinks and say hello to drinking more water. Drinking a lot of sugary drinks can cause your skin to look dull. Drink 8 glasses of water daily, and don’t worry if you are struggling to let go to sugary drinks. You can start by cutting down on the amount you take.

Laugh more: Did you know that your body remains happy for 45 minutes after a really good laugh? So go ahead and laugh out loud! It relieves stress!

Get moving: An active body is a happy body. Any form of exercise helps our bodies feel good. Working out clears your mind, improves memory and helps you sleep better. #Win!

Sleep well Think sleeping is a waste of time? Think again! Sleeping up to eight hours every night is recommended. It boosts your mood and helps you have energy to face the day. Plus it makes the brain sharper!

Love more What’s love got to do with it? Everything. Love comes back around, so if we put love out there we get it back, and this makes us feel great about ourselves. When we feel loved and show love, we feel good about ourselves.)Be kinder and offer to help someone who needs it.

Self-care: Do you boo! Days can feel long, with a lot of things to do, like study, chores, or just slaying. This is why it’s important to chillax! Do something nice, that you love and that always leave you happy. For example, I have a ritual: for 30 minutes every afternoon, I make a cup of tea and write in my journal.

Do more: You know what goes a long way to help you feel on top of the world? Being on top of your goals! If you can, do something everyday that helps you reach your goals.

Ready to make the connection? Awesome! Remember to stay safe and to always be kind to yourself!

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