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We have all been there! You know, when you are in grade 12 and having to think seriously about your future. Should you go to university or not? Are you going to become a lawyer or a doctor? A singer or an actress?

Even though decisions are part of life, figuring out what you want to become is not always easy.

But you know what? Like with everything in life, there is help when it comes choosing your career.

Help? Where? Think career expos, babes. A career expo in an event held by different companies, colleges and universities.

They give information about different study fields and jobs.

At a career expo, you get to understand what it means being in that profession.

And you get your turn to ask questions. Curious about a day in the life of a doctor? Want to know exactly how many hours it takes to work on a cool show like Skeem Saam?

Remember, this is your day to get information and guidance, so ask as many questions as you can, and remember that there is nothing like a stupid question.

At an expo, you’ll get a chance to find out about bursaries, and advice on how to increase your chances of qualifying for one.

Ready to get in formation, ladies? Check out these expos.

They’re free to attend.

Kasi Expo: Held around the country for recruiters, mentors, funders and students.

Edu Week: The expo to attend if you want to become a teacher. It also

Career Indaba: Features workshops with experts from different careers.

Rising stars career expo: Get help writing your CV, career guidance and information on bursaries.

CTEX (Career and Training Expo): For tips on entrepreneurships, applying for bursaries and how to look for a job.

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