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You know what my big sister Lesego and her bestie Palesa taught me about money? You’re never too young to start making your own money. For as long as I can remember, they have had side hustles. Lesego says she loves the freedom of making her own cash. For example, she doesn’t have to ask mom for money to buy data and she can save, which she says it the nicest thing about making your own money. Here are some ideas to help you get started.

Hair days
What’s the one thing every girl wants to have? Great hair! But it’s expensive at salons, so Lesego started braiding hair on Saturdays and Sundays. She does cornrows, box braids and styles dreadlocks. She charges between R70 and R200. She sees seven to nine clients a month, and earns more than R1500 every month!

Knowledge is power
Palesa is a great student. She gets A’s in all her subjects and loves helping other students improve their marks...for a fee of course! On weekdays, she helps a group of 7 classmates with their homework at R5 per person. On Saturdays, a group of 10 other students in our community meet at house of revision lessons. They pay R10 each. That’s R960 per month. She also offers private tutorials. So, she’s basically earning money while doing her homework and revisions. How cool?

Miss Baker
And me? I’m an amazing baker, like mom. I bake scones, cakes and biscuits on order and for all occasions. When I started, I went around to stokvels and church groups, and also told my teachers about my goodies. I bake on Fridays, Saturdays and Sunday afternoons. It’s only been three months, but I have already saved R1000 (and bought boyfriend jeans for myself!)

Keep it clean
My bestie Lele can’t bake, teach or do hair. But do you know what she’s good at? She loves keeping things clean. So she washes takkies for people at R35 a pair. She collects dirty takkies to wash at her house on Friday night and Saturday morning. She’s never washed less than 6 pairs a week. That’s at least R840 a month.

Start in your community
I hope you’re inspired to start hustling. A great place to start is in your community. Everyone loves a clean garden and clean car, and a lot of parents come home late from work on weekdays, and have errands on weekends. They need someone to babysit for them! You can also ask businesses if they need a cleaner or packer!

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This is very good advice. Now I got an idea how to make my own money.

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Im good in girl (ish) things like make-up;nails;helping on picking the best outfit for an event i...

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