Everyone feels low sometimes

...and that’s okay.

Your thoughts (214) Everyone feels low sometimes

My name is Zodwa. Sometimes I feel a sadness which may make you feel hopeless, helpless and worthless. Sometimes I feel it for a long period of time, others just one or two days. Sometimes there’s a reason, sometimes it is not clear why you are feeling that way.

You may not want to eat, cry for no reason, or lose interest in the things you love. You could feel angry at your life and just the simple act of getting out of bed may seem difficult.

Does this sounds familiar? Don’t worry it’s totally and completely OK to not be OK. You are not alone. It’s normal to feel down sometimes. Take your time and don’t worry about how long you have been feeling this way. It’s different for every person.

When you are feeling tired, maybe a little hopeless or losing interesting in things, it is really important to speak out to someone you trust about these feelings as they will be able to help you talk things through, and get the support you may need.

What about your best friend? Mom? Aunty? Or perhaps your teacher? If they can't give you the exact advice you need, they will be able to help find a place you can go to for support if you need it.

Also remember to take time out and try to relax when things seem to be getting a little tough.

In the meantime, don’t forget that you are stronger than you think, and that with the support of friends or family, things will get better.

Remember, it does get better.

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i also know that feeling 😩 sometimes i overthink things & that stress me a lot but my old sister...

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i also

1 year, 8 months ago
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