Different people, same squad!

We may be different but we all love being friends together

Your thoughts (13) Different people, same squad!

Ever notice the differences among you and your friends?

They could drive you crazy and sometimes there’s drama and misunderstandings. But come to think of it, these differences in each member of your squad are exactly what add awesomeness, joy, and beauty to your life.

In the comedies and dramas in your time together, what characters arise in your group? We’ve rounded up the most characters in a friendship group, which one are you?

The Big Sis
She’s the mother hen among you. Nurturing. Thoughtful. Has a tissue for the criers and crackers for the hungry. She teaches you to be sensitive to others’ needs.

The Mayor
She knows everyone and talks to everyone. Can be approached for any sort of help or advice. Inspires you on how to turn a stranger into a friend.

The Tough One
Your gang’s able defender. Fearless and ready to defend anyone in the group. Makes you see that beneath a tough exterior can be a heart that's tender and protective towards those she loves.

The Hustler
She’s got the smarts for money and business. Ambitious. Knows how to look for ways to earn a buck when none of you have any at all. Teaches you to save and grow your money.

The Beauty Expert
This one’s confidently beautiful with a heart. Can be relied on for makeup and fashion tips. She'll help you see your own beauty and teach you how to enhance it.

The Clown
She’s the life of the party and the one whose stories everyone listens to. Cheers up anyone who is sad. Cheeky but lovable. Shows you that bad times won't be very bad when you're among the right people. Everyone in your squad has her own qualities and skills. So celebrate your differences! There’s priceless value even in the everyday moments in your friendship. You’ll learn to be with people who aren’t like you and grow in compassion, increase your capacity for love, and broaden your mind. What do you love most about your squad? Tell us all about it in the comments section below.

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Hi If there is anyone that can be a good friend please come forward please 👏👏

2 years, 10 months ago

That's like me and my squad we are all different but we still care and love each other

2 years, 10 months ago
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