Cheap date ideas

Budget friendly ways to spend time with bae

Cheap date ideas

It’s February, the month of love. You may be feeling a bit nervous about how this month will affect your pocket- the gifts, dates and treats may seem like an expensive hurdle. Don’t panic, there are cute and cheap ways to show your bae that you love them.

Here are ideas for cheap and fun dates that you and your boo can go on this Valentine’s Day

Have a romantic picnic in a park

If you want to seem romantic and hide your limited budget, you can take bae to a quiet spot in your local park for a romantic picnic. The park entrance is free and you can bring plates, glasses, and a blanket from home (savings everywhere!). You can buy snacks and drinks at the spaza shop and the best part, your gift to bae can be handmade from materials lying around the house.

Organise a double date with another couple

Want to hang out with your friends on Valentine’s Day, why not? Double dating can save both couples big bucks. The four of you could pool money together for food and drinks and you could hang out at a free location. Or better yet, have a get together at your house. You could turn it into a games date or play some music and chill out with the one you love and the friends who make life fun.

Play games at an arcade

Bring the fun back into your relationship with bae and organise a play date at your nearest arcade. You can save costs by sharing a pizza for lunch. Tokens at the arcade are usually R1 each and you can buy as many as your pocket will allow. Arcade games are fun, funny and interactive.

Do you have any cheap date ideas? Let us know in the comments section.

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