Boy friends who are JUST friends

Is it possible? Let’s find out

Boy friends who are JUST friends

Do you find it easier to make friends with the boys at school? Or maybe you're trying to make more friends with the guys in your grade and don't know where to start?

Having guys who are just your friends can be really fun.

Here's how to hold on to your friendship and keep your boy friends as just friends!

1. Don't listen to other people

If you spend a lot of time alone with your guy best friend, people might start talking. They might say things like 'but you're so cute together' or ‘it would be a shame not to try.’

Don't let people pressure you into making it romantic just because you have a connection.

Keep conversations with your friend open and check in that you are both on the same page.

Friendships can often outlast a romantic relationship, so be proud that you’re prioritising it.

2. Set some boundaries

Having a boy as a friend can mean setting some different boundaries. If he is your friend, he'll be happy with it.

Firstly, he should never pressure you into doing anything you're not comfortable with.

Also, you might want to talk about how much, if any physical touch you are comfortable with, or certain things you don't want to share with him like your bedroom.

Lastly, your friend should be someone you can trust, so they shouldn't run off and tell their friends about private conversations.

3. Enjoy the things that make that friendship special

Having boys as friends means you get to have a male opinion on your issues. It's like having a brother and they gain a sister. You can learn a lot from having different kinds of people in your friendship circle.

You should be proud and excited that you’re not just friends with girls, as having a different types of people in your friendship circle will help you grow into the best version of yourself.

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