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Oh my gosh! Mid-year exams are almost here! I guess time really does fly, doesn’t it? Now that it’s time to test our knowledge, things can seem a bit overwhelming. Hopefully, with these tips and tricks, you will feel on top of your studies in no time.

Lists and schedules
My sister swears by this. She says that if you want to get something done, you need a daily timetable. For example, on Monday, you can focus on Maths, Science on Tuesday and so on.

You know what goes really well with timetables? Timelines! This is when you set a task and the time in which it must be completed. It will help you focus. Another neat thing about timelines: they make very big tasks seem easier to do!

Get your ZZZs
You’re probably thinking “yeah right!” Backup sister! You still need your sleep. Getting 7 to 8 hours of it will help your brain to relax, making you concentrate better when you study.

Silence is golden
Especially when you need to be super focused. So try to find a quiet area to study, like the library.

Chill out!
This is my favourite tip. For every hour or 90 minutes that you’re studying, take a 10-minute break. This can be going for a quick walk, having a relaxing cup of tea or just checking up on social media — but only for 10 minutes!

Put your phone away
Facebook, the internet, WhatsApp...they’re a great way to discover things and connect with people. But when you are studying? D for distraction. You know the deal, you tell yourself that you’ll only chat for 5 minutes and next you know, it's sleeping time and you haven’t finished your revisions.

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I totally know what you are going through me too after I wrote my exam

3 years, 1 month ago

Yuo cuald make a time table at home and ask your friend ti ask you some of quetion or try to study...

3 years, 5 months ago
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