#AskSpringster: How to improve your relationship with your mom

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This week's question on the #AskSpringster campaign comes from Andisiwe who is struggling to bond with her mother.

Andisiwe is 16 years-old and she is in a relationship with a boy in her neighbourhood. They are very into each other but sometimes she has problems with him and she feels like there is no one to talk to. She wants to discuss her relationship problems with her mother, but she does not have a very good relationship with her. How can she build a better bond with her mother so she can have conversations about the relationship and other issues in her life?

This is some advice Springsters had for Andisiwe.

Hi Springster,

We have all been through it, being shy to talk to our mother about the things that really matter to us. There are ways where you can start improving your relationship with your mom.

We spoke to a few Springsters, and these are the tips that they had:

Set up a time every week to bond, whether it is through going for a jog or cooking, spending time together bonding will make it easier for you to chat about the difficult topics.

Show your mom that you love and appreciate her such as making her coffee and tea - it will also help to soften her up.

Choose the right time and place – if you can see she is tired, don’t bring up touchy topics, because she won’t be in the mood to respond and that will just be demotivating for you

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