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Few things are as disappointing as seeing an F+ in your report. But as the saying goes, you have to dust yourself off and try again.

Technology and the internet can be very useful to catch-up on work. Here are three platforms you can use to improve your marks:

Level Up

Get a better understanding of science with the Level Up app. The platforms uses fun experiment videos created by other students to help you understand difficult science terms such as Polymers, Combustion, and Catalysts. You can test your knowledge and prepare for tests with science quizzes that are also included in the app.


The Dstv learning channel Mindset has uploaded all of the lessons flighted on the channel to their website. Visit their website, to find video lessons for all your high-school subjects.

We know watching videos can be expensive, look for a place in your community where you can get free wifi, whether it is a library, mall or other public institutions - make sure wherever you will be working will be safe.

Bcx Learning

For all the budding scientists and accountant, Bcx Learning is a great way to put in extra hours to improve your marks. The platform has lessons for Grade 4 - Grade 12 maths and science notes and videos. The best part, if you are using Telkom, you will be able to use the site for free.

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