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How to spot a fly-by-night school.

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My name is Ntokoso. When I finished my matric, I was unhappy with some of my results and decided to go back to school to improve my marks. Great idea, right?

I went around town looking for colleges that promised to help me study further. I found it. My parents paid the fees and bought the books. I went to my classes, wrote tests, assignments and exams. But on the day that I was supposed to get my results, I discovered that the college never existed.

It was a fly-by-night. They are colleges and schools that are not registered and approved to give education. They look, sound and act like a real school, but their qualifications are worthless.

This is why it’s important for us to always ask for a Certificate of Registration. This is a document that shows the name of the school, where it’s located and the qualifications they are registered to provide. It should also have the school’s registration number.

Seeing the certificate is not enough. You have to prove that it’s legit. You can do this by calling the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA on 0860 111 673. You can also check out this list of fly-by-night schools and colleges. The department of higher education also has a list of all institutions registered to provide qualifications.

Remember that the only way to know if a college is registered is by checking with the department of higher education or SAQA. It doesn’t matter if they have a nice building, if your friend studied there or if they have an open day attended by students and lecturers. If they are not approved by the department of higher education, they are a scam.

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Hi l mpho I.want to have. ID but my mother don't want me to have. ID now 19 year old what should...

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