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School life is fun. But at times, dealing with the different subjects, extra-curricular activities, as well as our personal stuff can all feel like too much to handle. But wouldn’t it be nice if we had someone to lend us a hand during these confusing times? A teammate of sorts that would encourage us and give us guidance when we needed it? Well, luckily for us, we do! And believe it or not, that teammate has been right in front of us all this time – our teachers!

Though many of us girls initially wouldn’t even consider approaching our teachers because of our notion that they are scary and intimidating, we have to remember that they are actually there to help us thrive and perform better in school. You’ll be surprised how a healthy mentor-student relationship can dramatically help not just our academics, but our personal lives as well. Here are some tips on how we can get the most out of the experience with our teachers.

Tutorials – Even when class is no longer in session, we can still ask our teachers for help regarding our academics. With after-school tutorial sessions or additional homework, we are able to better understand lessons and prepare for our upcoming examinations more calmly.

Consultations – Don’t be afraid to approach our teachers and ask them questions. Consultations give us the chance to pick up the bits and pieces we might have missed during lessons. This is also an opportunity for us to learn beyond what is taught in school.

Personal Mentoring – The help that our teachers can provide us is not just limited to academics. They can also assist us with personal things such as hobbies, or even your possible career paths. Teachers are respectable figures that we can trust and rely on to give us the emotional and mental support that we need.

So Springsters, keep in mind, if you need extra help with school-related or even personal stuff, there is a teammate that is ready to come to our rescue – our teachers! All we have to do is ask!

Have you teamed up with one of your teachers? Please let us know in the comments section how you did it.

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Yes always teamed my teacher 😉😊😊

2 years, 11 months ago

Yes always teamed my teacher 😉😊😊

2 years, 11 months ago
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