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Imagine being a hotel manager,journalist,photographer or anything that you want to become.We all have dreams and it can be a challenge to make them true. Meet Thiofhi Lambani,a 22 years old who has made her dreams come true.

I grew up in a very small village called Ha Ravele in Limpopo.I was raised by my mother as my parents divorced when I was in grade 6.My mom was the only one working so we were dependent on her.I was getting a grant but that stopped when I turned 18.

School was the only thing that made me happy because I loved everything that used to happen at school.In high school my favourite subjects were geography and IT. I enjoyed them the most out of all the subjects and I did well on them.In primary Mrs Tshipuke was my favourite teacher because she was such a kind person.Roshnee Gupta was my English teacher and became my favourite one in high school because she was easy to talk to and was one of the most friendliest people i’ve ever met.

I was performing very well at school despite the situation at home.When I was in grade 7,one of my teachers gave me an application form of Sumbandila scholarship trust . It offered kids from poor backgrounds who had good marks an opportunity.My life changed when I was in grade 8 as the scholarship accepted me and I started living in town.This scholarship gave me hope as I was given a chance to be the best I can be and make my dreams come true .

After high school I took a 2 year break in order to find out what I wanted to do with my life.While on the gap year, I did a lot of volunteering in companies and applied for internships at different media companies.While interning I started to like digital marketing and I did a short course about social media marketing.

That is when I started a digital marketing company called Fearless Trendz.If I didn’t get education I wouldn’t know what digital marketing is.

Tips on how to get a scholarship:

  1. Do your research: Ask people around if there are any scholarship that they know of.It can be your previous teachers or any adult who might know. Google scholarships, and you will get a lot of information on available funding.

  2. Most scholarships are given to people who either perform well academically or through sports. So if you are good at hockey or getting good grades, use that to get your scholarship

  3. Don’t give up and not get discouraged as well. You can get more information about scholarships by visiting Edufunding.

If you are not at school there are other ways to keep learning and developing your skills so you can continue on your pathway. ABET is one of the ways you can continue learning.

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