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Being a teen mom is not the end.

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Girls we are winners, including teen moms like myself. Things may not be so easy but nothing will stop us from reaching for the stars. Like Pearl Thusi and Solange Knowles. They had babies when they were young. Pearl was in her first year at university, while Solange was 18 years old. But they didn’t let that stop them from dreaming. They worked to pursue their dreams. Solange performs around the world, while Pearl’s acting career has taken her all the way to Hollywood. They inspire me to keep dreaming.

I don’t want to be an actress or singer, but I know that I want to be successful and independent. This is why I found a mentor. A mentor can be anyone that you look up to, who can guide you and help you find your place in life. It can be your teacher or a community leader. You can also find a mentor online at DreamGirls SA, which connects girls to mentors.

Reaching out to other girls like me helped me learn from their lives and vice versa. This has boosted my confidence. We inspire and support each other. Your dreams and goals matter! Never give up!

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It's never too late to achieve anything in life, being a teen mom has nothing to do with your...

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