I had a big dream but I didn’t know how to get there...

Until I followed these 4 tips!

I had a big dream but I didn’t know how to get there...

Many of us dream of achieving something new like being top of our class in maths or maybe turning our hobby for writing into a career one day. But it’s hard to know how to get there. Tina was in the same position but she found her way out. Here’s her story.

“I’m Tina and I’ve always been a bit shy. I’m very comfortable among my family but in bigger groups I tense up and don’t know what to say. The thing is, I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. I love spending time with my younger brothers and sisters and helping with their homework and teaching them new things. I love seeing them grow in skills and confidence. However, I didn’t feel like I had the confidence within myself to train and then stand up in front of a whole class!

“One afternoon, I stayed late at school as I wanted to get some time alone with my favourite teacher. I told her my situation, and that my dreams of becoming a teacher like her felt hopeless. My teacher said that I mustn’t listen to those negative voices that tell me I cannot achieve, but I must rise above and work for my dreams. She helped me feel confident, and proud of the skills I have and want to become.

“The following week I sat down to make a plan. First, my teacher advised me to break down my dream in to smaller goals to achieve step by step. Second, she helped me identify the skills I would need to improve to become a teacher, like my confidence. I decided to spend time helping her with the junior classes to grow my confidence in front of groups. Third, she advised me to look in to teaching courses in my area. There would be some teaching courses that would be better suited to my school grades than others for example. Finally, she agreed to be my mentor to help me stay on track with my goals."

Tina’s teacher’s tips made all the difference. Need advice you can trust? Try these tips…

1. Find the right person to talk to

Someone you know and feel comfortable with, as they are more likely to see your problems from your perspective.

2. Write down everything that you need advice on

This will help you explain your feelings better, and whoever you approach to give you the right advice.

3. Pick a good time to start the conversation

You’re in control of when, where and how. Also ask the person you want to speak to when it would be suitable for them.

4. We all have our own opinion

You may like some advice, other advice may not feel right for you. Regardless, thank the person for giving you their time and that you appreciate their support. You can weigh up their advice and your own feelings over time.

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