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Life can be tricky and sometimes things don’t always go the way we planned it. School is one of those areas that often takes a backseat when life takes a left turn. Carmen fell pregnant in grade 11. She was 17 years and almost done with high school but she had to drop out to look after her baby.

Here is her story:

I met my boyfriend when I was 16 years old and we got along right away. After a year of dating, I found out that I was pregnant with our son Jaden. My mother was furious. She kept telling me that she can’t support another child financially and that I would have to go and look for a job to support my child. I tried telling her that a matric would open up doors to better jobs but she was not listening to me anymore.

I became a working mother the year I was supposed to be doing my matric year. I worked at a clothing store and selling beauty products at the same time. My boyfriend finished his matric and started working to support us financially. I wanted to make both my son and my mother proud. I heard from a friend that there were night classes offered at my school for adults who wanted to finish their matric. I decided that this was my chance.

The night classes are part of something called ABET or Adult Basic Education and Training, an initiative that helps adults get an education. They were designed to teach adults who had been out of school for quite some time. The school fees were reasonable and I could use the money I made from selling beauty products to pay them.

After a year of dedication and hard work, I got my matric certificate and made my mother even more proud. I could now apply for different jobs and got a job in a big company as a personal assistant. My dreams are now bigger and I want to get my degree in the next 3 years.

Getting my matric has opened doors for both me and my son and I am happy that I made the decision to go back to school.

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