Get ahead in life, find a mentor

Finding a mentor is not always easy. Read this to help you on your journey.

Your thoughts (36) Get ahead in life, find a mentor

A mentor is a person who offers direction and advice to a less experienced person. This can be an adult in a career you aspire to be in or someone closer to your own age that you go to for advice. When looking for the right mentor:

DO… It must be someone you can trust and who has achieved the kind of success that you want. This way their advice and guidance comes from experience.

Start with people around you, like a family friend or local businesswoman.

If your potential mentor is someone you don’t already know, write to them. Tell them why they would be the best mentor for you. Don’t lose hope if they don’t answer you immediately. Follow up and let them know you’re still interested.

Ask about mentorship programmes at community centres, universities and non-governmental organisations in your area. If you can’t find one, ask an adult in one of these places to guide you.

Time spent with your mentor should be fruitful. Prepare questions, topics you’d like to discuss or ideas you want feedback on before each meeting.

DON’T… Have an ego. You have to accept suggestions and helpful criticism and be open to learning.

Don’t take advantage by pushing them to go out of their way for you. If your mentor has contacts or is able to help you in any way, they will offer this to you.

Your mentor is not going to fix all your problems. Treat them as a friend, a confidant and a guide.

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Thank you, all I wanted to know, on my way to finding a mentor!

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