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Technology has made life things easier in many ways. With just a click of a button, and whatever you want to know can be found on Google - well, most of it.

Back in the day, people used to send each other letters and it would take days to get to the destination. Today there are apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Gmail which have made it quicker and easier to communicate.

With the development of technology there has also been a number of careers opening up like computer programming,web developers and computer systems analyst.

Have you ever thought of making a career in the tech? Well, you can.

Here are four black women who are slaying in this male-dominated industry whom you can look up to.

Baratang Miya

She is the CEO and founder of Girlhype coders,an organisation that presents the youth with opportunities to develop technical competencies and social skills. It gives out free 7 weeks program for grade 10-12 girls to learn coding and get exposure to tech jobs. Through her work,she became the 1st runner up for MTN Women in ICT Community Builder Award 2016. She started Girlhype to help women and girls from poor backgrounds to learn more about Science,Technology,Engineering and Mathematics.

Mich Atagana

Her love for technology started when she was young by playing video games while growing up.Now she is the Head of Communication for Google SA. Before joining Google,she covered the latest tech trends as a tech writer for Memeburn.She has a masters degree in New Media and Journalism.In 2012 she was named one of Mail and Guardian’s top young South Africans.

Regina Kgatle

Regina’s family own and operate arcade games in the townships.Her family has a strong entrepreneurial background,which motivated her to start a business.At school she studied transformational electrical and computer engineering.She is the founder of Educade,which is an educational arcade machine that makes learning fun for kids in primary school.It helps them with their curriculum.

If you are interested in technology,there are a number of ways you can be a part of it.Companies such as mLAB, Girlhype Coders and GirlCode offer free classes were you can learn more about what they do.You must be studying mathematics and science in order to have a career in technology.

Would you also like to get into tech? Comment and tell us what you want to become.

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