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Periods, ugh! We dread them coming for most of the month but we’re really relieved when they arrive. Often they are unwelcome but they are a normal part of the female reproductive system and like every part of our bodies, they are there for a reason. Some of us have periods that go by with little to no pain. Then there are others like my friend Nicole who has the worst pains on the planet. If you are in the same boat as Nicole, we have some tips on how you can ease those period pains and make life more bearable during that time of the month.


This might be the last thing that you’re willing to do and trust me you don’t have to start doing the vosho all over your living room. Walking fast for 15 minutes can ease those stomach cramps. When you’re moving, your body is pumping blood which releases endorphins ( hormones that make you happy) which help ease stomach cramps. Don’t stop the activity after your period has ended, regular exercise is very good for you and will help you prepare for the next period.

Heat things up

The muscles of your uterus are quite contracted, think of a clenched fist, and this is one of the main causes of your pain. Applying heat helps to loosen those contracted muscles, easing your pain. You can use a hot water bottle, take a hot bath or shower or use your warm face cloth to apply heat to the most painful areas.

Get a massage

Massage your painful bits with aromatic essential oils for calming pain relief. Massaging with essential oils can reduce the duration of your pain and provide pain relief. You can use lavender oil or sage oil which can be found at your nearest pharmacy. Getting a massage can also help relax you and take your mind off the pain that you may be feeling.

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this is working ,even a bottle of hot water if you can just press it to your stomach the period...

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This really helped me alot

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