Sex myths busted- Part 1

When it comes to sex, facts matter

Your thoughts (232) Sex myths busted- Part 1

Popular sex myths can get you into lots of trouble. But don’t worry, we are here to clear up all the confusion and incorrect info that you may have gotten from friends.

For the next three month, we will be discussing a few sex facts and myths that aren’t facts at all.

I won’t fall pregnant if he puts the tip in

To fall pregnant, sperm needs to make contact with your egg. When a guy ejaculates, the sperm makes its way to the egg, so whether it’s just a tip or the whole penis, it won’t stop you from falling pregnant. Remember, there is only one way to avoid pregnancy, using contraceptives like the pill or the injection, or using condoms.

I won’t fall pregnant if my boyfriend pulls out

This is a very common myth, an absolute lie. Before an orgasm, the penis releases a liquid called pre-ejaculant, which has sperm cells. This is enough to make you fall pregnant if you are not using any form of protection. Remember there are only two ways to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

I can reuse a condom if I have cleaned it

Unlike a plastic bag, you can’t reuse a condom. The material that condoms are made of weakens when it comes into contact with too much friction, so the longer you use it, the weaker it becomes. This can cause the condom to tear or break, putting you at risk of STIs, including HIV or unwanted pregnancies. You can get free condoms at public clinics and hospitals, so you don’t need to reuse old ones!

That is it Springsters. Remember that when it comes to sex, the only way to protect yourself from pregnancy is by using protection, in particular condoms, as they offer protection from STIs too.

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