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Ways to feel better, even when you’re feeling your worst.

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We know that period pain can be terrible. Your body aches, you feel extra tired, and your insides feel all mushed up and uncomfortable.
What's a girl to do?! Do you have to suffer? Or take pills to make the pain and discomfort to go away? Nope! Here are some simple, natural ways to make you feel better and keep you healthy during that time of the month.

Walking it off
For many of us, our period comes with cramps, but here’s a secret no one told us: exercising helps.When we workout our bodies produce a pain relief hormone that helps burn chemicals that cause muscle contractions. Just remember to keep it safe by never walking or running at night and in dark and unlit streets. Avoid places that are isolated or abandoned, like a veld.

Keep it clean
When we have our periods, our sweat glands and sebaceous glands, which produce oil, work double-time. A nice hot bath will remove excess sweat and oil from your skin, calm your nerves, and even ease cramping.

When you’re having a period, your vagina can be more sensitive and the excess dampness can lead to increased fungi and bacteria. To help prevent an itchy infection, wash the area carefully (on the outside only – don’t go inside!) with clean water and a gentle soap, then pat it dry with a clean towel.

To make sure that you always feel fresh and clean, change your sanitary pad as often as you need to – around every three to four hours is normally recommended.

And finally, remember that everything that happens to our bodies when we get our period is normal!
However, if you feel something isn't right then talk to a trusted adult such as parent or doctor they will be able to advise you.

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I get migraines and sore breasts during my period, is it normal??

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