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About your vagina

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That thing ‘down there’ has a name, It is a vagina, and you shouldn’t be shy to call it by its name. The more we talk about that all important part of our bodies, the better you are at taking care of it. .Here are some answers to some of your vagina related questions.

My underwear has a white mark...

That is what we call discharge. Discharge is normal and healthy, so don’t be scared when you see a clear, stretchy liquid on your underwear. It’s just your vagina cleaning itself. Your vagina will pass different kinds of discharge at different times of the month. When an egg is released during ovulation, your body will pass about 2 teaspoons of discharge a day. This discharge is usually thin and clear. Before your period it’s creamy looking and thick. This is how your body creates the perfect conditions for sperm to travel to the egg.

If your discharge has a smell, is a little yellow or green or is clumpy then you should talk to your mom or trusted adult because this could be a sign of an infection.

Won’t my tampon get lost in there?

Your vagina may be mysterious but don’t worry, things don’t disappear inside it. Tampons won’t end up in your stomach because the cervix blocks off access. A tampon can slip out of reach though. To get it out, you’ll have to fish it out while squatting. If that doesn’t work then you should visit your nearest clinic and a medical practitioner will get it out. This is very rare though!!

It burns when I pee

This may be because you have a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI), don’t worry many women get UTIs. The burning sensation could be caused by a Sexually Transmitted Infection or a bacterial infection. Visit your local clinic or doctor because it is better to treat it as soon as possible.

Don’t be afraid to look at your vagina, get to know it. And keep it healthy.

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