He is ready. I’m not!

#ThatAwkwardMoment when he thinks sex is next...

Your thoughts (261) He is ready. I’m not!

Puberty has changed your body, you go on your period and feel sexual urges. It’s normal, including wanting to start having sex. Some girls wait until they’re older. Others feel ready to do it right now. That’s okay too. The right time to go there is when you feel ready.

Your body, your rules
If you don't want to have sex, saying no might seem impossible or scary. You may feel comfortable doing some things with your partner but not others. Have a think about what your rules or boundaries are. It's time to take charge of your body. You need to talk to your partner about your rules, practice them and share your thoughts. If they care, they'll respect them.

Know where you stand
What if your partner has answers to all your reasons? Maybe they say you would do it if you really loved them. What do you say to that? Try this one: if you loved me, you would respect my decision to wait. Or they say all their friends are doing it. Remind them that they are dating you, not their friends’ girlfriends.

Protect yourself
Condoms prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, including HIV. They are free at public clinics and hospitals.

Talk to bae
It’s necessary to have a conversation about HIV, getting tested and protecting each other from infections. Thinking about it is scary, but you need to protect your health.

You can change your mind
You’ve said yes but having doubts when you think about it. Or the action has started but you really, really don’t feel like sex and want to change your mind. It’s allowed and happens all the time! A good partner will respect this.

Be comfortable
If you freak out every time you think about doing it, chances are you’re not ready. There’s no need to feel guilty, these feelings emerge at different times for everyone.

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