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Let’s talk about that part of our bodies. You’ve probably heard a lot of stories about the vagina, and how it works. You probably also have a lot of questions yourself. Here are some answers.

We’ll start with keeping it clean. The vagina cleans itself. It releases fluids that remove dead cells. In other words: you only need water to wash it.No soap, no special products. Just water! What we eat, going on a period and sweating can affect how our vaginas smell, but this is natural. The only time you should worry is when the smell is different to what you’re usually used to. It will usually comes with other things, like a burning sensation when you pee, blood in your urine and thick discharge that looks like egg white. These could be signs of a sexually transmitted infection. If this happens, don’t panic. Go to a clinic or pharmacy, where you will be tested and given antibiotics if necessary.

If you have dermatitis it’s common for a vagina to be irritated and have a burning sensation, leading to itchiness, inflammation and a rash. It’s usually caused by anything that can irritate the sensitive skin around the vagina, like detergents used to wash underwear, soaps, perfumed tampons and pads, bubble baths, lubricants and vaginal creams. It can also be caused by being allergic latex. It’s the material used to make condoms. If you’re allergic, look for non-latex condoms at pharmacies. You can ease the discomfort by soaking in a lukewarm bath that has four to five table spoons of bicarbonate of soda. However, it’s always worth seeing a doctor, nurse or pharmacist if you experience pain and discomfort.

That’s it for now! Come back soon to read more on everything you need to know.

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