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You may have heard some stories about how to get pregnant or how to make sure you don’t get pregnant...

Honestly, the only sure way not to get pregnant is not to have sex. Not having sex also prevents you from the possibility of contracting sexually transmitted infections. Babies are made when sperm from a man (or boy) joins with an egg from a woman (or girl). When a couple has sex, sperm swims out of his body and into hers. Most women and girls have a special place in their body called a uterus. The sperm swims into there. If there is an egg there, then a baby can be made. Now that you know the basics, here are lies about pregnancy you should never believe.

1. A girl cannot get pregnant if it is her first time having sex

As long as a girl has started having her period, she can get pregnant. It does not matter if it is the first or fiftieth time

2. A girl on her period cannot get pregnant

Sperm can live inside a girl’s body for up to 5 days. If a girl has sex towards the end of her bleeding, she can get pregnant.

3. If a girl washes up immediately after sex, she will not get pregnant

The sperm swims all the way inside the girl’s body. No amount of washing will bring it out.

4. If a girl jumps immediately after sex, she will not get pregnant

Once the sperm is inside the girl’s body, jumping will not make it come out.

5. You are too young to get pregnant

Once a girl begins to menstruate, she is able to get pregnant. It does not matter how old she is.

If you’ve got more questions or concerns around getting pregnant, speak to someone at a government clinic. They can discuss birth control options with you. Alternatively, you can call Love Life (It is free) on 0800 121 900 and they will answer all of your questions.

The decision to have sex is one that needs to be thought through carefully. Avoid being pressured or rushing into a decision which you may regret.

What pregnancy myths have you heard? Share them below!

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