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I found my mentor on Facebook.

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“If your dreams don’t scare you, they aren’t big enough.” These words were said by the first female president in Africa, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf. I think she means that we shouldn’t be afraid to dream big. I’m inspired by her words because she has lived them. Against all odds, a woman finally led an African country. How powerful and inspirational is she?

My dream is different. I don’t want to be a politician. I want to be lawyer. I didn’t know anything about the profession and needed someone to tell me about it. But there is no lawyer in my township, so I didn't have anyone to turn to in real life. What next? I went on Facebook to look for a mentor. I posted a status asking people to help me find a lawyer or a law student. That’s how I found my mentor.

A mentor is someone who can help you find direction. They are great sources of information. Mine also inspires me to keep reaching for my dream! But before contacting her,I searched through her Facebook page to see if she was legit. There are a lot of risks when it comes to talking with someone online. Sometimes they aren’t who they say they are. So check them out first and never give them your personal information.

She was a very popular person at varsity because she had a lot of followers and activity on her page. It felt legit but I never gave her any of my personal information and she never asked. During our conversations she told me that to get into Wits University like her I needed to pass with at least 50% on all subjects. It takes 4 years to be a lawyer and I can apply for NSFAS, a government bursary that will pay for my studies. She’s become my mentor. She gives me support and guidance. She makes me believe that with hard work, the world better watch out because Advocate Mahle is on her way.

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wow am impress mahle and gud luck we got similar direction I want to be lawyer too

4 years, 1 month ago
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