Mentors and Role Models

Where can we find them?

Your thoughts (18) Mentors and Role Models

Role models are important because they inspire us and show us how we can be the greatest version of ourselves. Do you have a role model?

My role model is the woman who stays on the same street as my family and I. Her name is Ous Grace and she fills me with joy and uplifts my mood whenever I see her. She is a hard-working single mother who still makes time to spend with her child while giving him all the love he needs.

Ous Grace is very supportive of her child. She checks in on his school work and she makes sure that he goes to school neat and on a full stomach. Ous Grace supports herself and her child by selling spinach from her yard and helping people clean their houses. I get inspired from watching her because she lives her life with passion and love, and her child knows that he can go to her whenever he needs help with something like school work or with bullies. I have a strong relationship with my mother, but there are certain things that I can’t talk to her about. When I started having boy problems I spoke to Ous Grace and she taught me a lot about relationships and sex. I started to go to her often and she ended up showing me how to plant vegetables in my garden. Because of this, I started planting my own food to sell. I use some of the money to help around the house and I’m saving the rest. I appreciate her so much for teaching me about relationships, gardening and supporting yourself.

A role model doesn't necessarily have to be someone who is rich or famous. It can be your neighbour, your school teacher or a relative.

Role models are everywhere, and if you give yourself the chance to find out about someone, or talk to the lady at church, you will be surprised by who can inspire and motivate you in life.

Do you have a role model you want to share with us? Let us know in the comment section below.

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