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...that’s how we win!!!

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Education is not the only way to success, but it really helps get to opportunities. “Education, as the great Nelson Mandela believed, “is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” I live by his words, but getting an education has not always been easy. I love accounting but I was not good at it; some people even laughed at me for choosing a subject they said I would fail.

Their prediction was correct. I failed grade 10 because my accounting marks were poor. It was a tough time. I felt bad about myself, while some people called me stupid. I realised life has ups and downs, and that being young doesn’t protect us from disappointments and failure! What’s important is how react when life gives us lemons.

I decided to keep my faith instead of giving up.

I resolved to try harder at school, and put in extra work on revisions and studies, especially for accounting. The end result? I passed my grade 12 with four distinctions. This taught me a valuable lesson: never give up. Times will get tough, and sometimes people will discourage you or laugh at your vision.

Keep trying, and learn from your mistakes. You’ll do better next time.

Take note girls: never give up!

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Yes never give up💪

2 years, 10 months ago

Yes no one is perfect so we got to merit a lot of attention to things where we got wrong

3 years ago
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