I shared my story to inspire other girls in my community

I went from back of the class to prefect

I shared my story to inspire other girls in my community

A few weeks ago, I got the exciting news that I would be a prefect. I had waited for this moment since I was a child. I wanted to inspire my fellow students and encourage them to believe in themselves. It hadn't always been easy for me, and I wanted to share my story with the girls in my neighbourhood to show them that anything is possible. We all met at the school grounds one afternoon, and I told them my story.

As a little girl, I struggled with reading. It made me feel sad, and some classmates even called me stupid. One day I decided to talk to my teacher about how I felt. I had dreams of being a leader in my community, but this was holding me back. Her name was Miss Dlamini, and she was the kindest woman I knew. I told her that I felt stupid and that I wanted to read, but found it challenging. She told me that no child is stupid and we all learn differently. She decided to set up an after school reading class for children who were struggling to understand, and she made learning fun for us.

She made me feel confident and showed me that it's essential to talk about your dreams and goals with someone you trust. We all have our life journey, and Miss Dlamini gave me confidence to follow mine.

If you believe in yourself and work hard you can achieve anything. Talking to Miss Dlamini about my fears was the best choice I made. She is an amazing leader and I hope to be as kind and supportive as she was when I am a teacher one day. Always talk about your fears and dreams because it will make you feel better! There is loads of support in the world and there are so many kind people who want to help you out.

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