Big dreams for my future

Girls can be leaders too.

Your thoughts (13) Big dreams for my future

It’s our time to shine! All over the world girls are doing incredible things. Here’s one awesome Springster who is bravely using her voice to speak up for girls!

The Girl who refuses Blessers

In Malawi, where Joyce Mkandawire comes from, young girls date older men often because they need their money. It worries Joyce that blessers use their money for power, often refusing to wear condoms during sex. “I know girls who have contracted HIV because of blessers,"she told us. Joyce decided to do something about it and set up the Girls Empowerment Network to support girls by speaking out against all forms of situations that take our rights, like forced marriages and violence.

What do you want to speak up for? Start by looking around your community.

Even though only a few people are naturally confident speakers, with practice, you can do it but only if you feel safe and comfortable to speak out. Practise what you want to say and how you want to say it in front of the mirror, and with friends and family. Information builds confidence. Find out as much as possible about your issue. Who is affected? How? What are your proposed solutions? Ask your friends and family to ask you questions. It will help you feel more assured when you talk to others.

When talking to a large group of people or in a meeting, chill out. For real. Taking deep belly breaths adds more to your voice, making you sound powerful. Remember to also sit up, look people in the eye, and enjoy yourself.

It takes a lot of courage to just address people, so you’re already on your way.

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