Springster FAQ's


How do I register on the site?
To register on SPRINGSTER click on the register icon , fill in the appropriate information and complete registration. Your details will be registered in our system. make sure your password and login details are easy enough for you to remember or write them somewhere safe so you don’t forget them when you have to login.

Can I comment without my name showing?
You can comment as anonymous if you choose to.

How can I join The Your Story competition and what does the winner and participants get to win?
To join the Your Story competition, simply send in your story here (add URL). Don’t forget to include your name and contact details at the end of your story so we can contact you should you win. The winners get XXXX (country to insert) worth of airtime for any network of their choice.

Can I choose more than one answer in a poll?
Yes, you can choose multiple answers but this depends on the poll. Some polls require just one answer. However, you need to register and also login to your profile to participate in a poll. Remember to use a username and password that will be easy for you to remember when you need to login.

If I participate in a poll, will my answer and name be published on the Springster website?
When you participate in a poll, your personal information will not be published on the website.

How do I comment on a post that I like?
You can comment on a post you like by scrolling to the bottom of the page, click the comment icon, add your comment and submit. Don’t forget you need to register to comment and login to your profile to post a comment on our site.

Can I send in stories to be published also?
Yes, you can! Send us your stories via our Your Story competition. Every month, we have a new theme so make sure to return to the site often for ideas on what you can write to us about.

Can I edit a comment I have already posted?
Comments already posted cannot be edited

How do I delete a comment after I have posted it?
Comments published on the website cannot be deleted