About Springster

Welcome to Springster! A place for girls to connect, learn and be themselves!

Believe in yourself because we already do…

Plus we have the Springster code, the survival guide to help us all be the very best we can be!

The Springster Code

  1. Everyone's a Springster. Springster is made by girls for girls, it is free to join but all we ask is you keep the Springster Code to keep it safe and fun for all.

  2. Always Together. Never alone. We can count on each other no matter what, we support each other and care because that's what Springsters do.

  3. Celebrate difference. We're here to support and celebrate each other not judge. We believe that we can all learn from each other so we respect differences. As we say, share the LOVE.

  4. Keep believing. When times are tough we find support with friends, family and the community - don't give up.

  5. Stay Silly. Hard work is important. But don't forget to have fun, too.

  6. Keep Safe. Always think before you share! We suggest you do not use your real name, pick a new one!. Don’t share your location, school, email or number. We encourage all Springsters to connect online where it is safe, do not meet people from the site in real life.

  7. Self Love. Your welling being is number 1! We believe that you should always talk yourself up and not down as WE are made of courage. We believe in being proud of the small things that we do every day to keep us happy and healthy.

  8. Once a Springster always a Springster. You’re a Springster for life. No matter where you go, the door is always open.