Teen mom survival toolkit

How to win at life and be a great mom

The responsibility of raising a child can be a huge task all on its own. Now throw in school, chores, making extra money and the million other tasks that get thrown at teens and you may feel like you’re drowning

Don’t worry, we have got some tips and tricks that will help you win at life, carve out some time for yourself and be the best mom you can be.

Slay at school

As a new mom, you may be struggling to focus on your schoolwork or you may have left school to focus on parenting full-time. There are small ways to manage your time better and study harder:
Set up a study schedule, use time when you are breastfeeding or the baby is asleep to go over notes Ask your family members to babysit while you prepare for big exams. Get a study group to study with.

If you are still at school and struggling to cope, speak to a trusted teacher and tell him or her about your challenges.

If If the load of balancing full-time school and motherhood is too much, find out about other options to get your education.

You can register for ABET (Adult Basic Education Classes) or enrol at a FET college or a college that offers distance learning that will enable you to study at home.

Help at Home

Work out a schedule that includes time for doing your chores and helping around the house. Give yourself a set time to take care of things around the house. If you can’t manage cleaning for long periods of time with a baby around, you can arrange to take the child to the father’s home or have a family member or a trusted adult look after your child while you are taking care of things at home.

Finances on fleek

Money can be tight to mention when you have a new life to take care of. Find out about the child support grant that will assist you financially. You can also do jobs from home that won’t separate you from your baby, or stop you getting an education, like braiding hair or babysitting other children from the neighbourhood.

Are you a teen mom with tips and tricks for other teen moms out there. Drop them in the comments.

Good luck Springsters!

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