Girls can do that

And so can you…

Today, many girls are achieving things that a lot of people thought would never be possible, showing the world that there's nothing girls can't do.

Here are five girls who prove that girls can do whatever they put their mind to:

Laura Dekker from the Netherlands is the youngest ever person to sail a boat around the world on her own. She first had to convince her government and lawmakers who tried to stop her. At 16, she stood up for herself and completed her two-year journey in July 2012.

Mikaila Ulmer founded Me & the Bees Lemonade when she was four years old. The popular drink is made from lemon juice, water and honey. After being stung twice Mikaila decided to learn about the importance of honey bees in nature. Now with every bottle she sells gives money to save bees.

When Eva Tolage was 14 she wrote a letter to US president Barack Obama. In it, she demanded more action to beat poverty in her Tanzanian village and around the world. Her letter inspired world leaders to take action at the United Nations.

Niloofar Rahmani is the first female pilot to be trained in the Afghanistan military. She and her family faced many threats but she persevered to complete her training. She was awarded an International Women of Courage Award for her bravery in 2015.

Judi Lerumbe from Kenya was 15 when her father tried to force her to marry an older man. Her stepmother helped her to flee to a female-only village where girls are able to attend school instead of marrying young. Now Judi works in a museum that helps to create jobs for local women.

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