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Are you the last student to submit their homework? If you’re screaming “YES!” — or more likely, “I should really answer ‘YES!’ later” — you’re a procrastinator. Procrastination means that you wait to do things until the last possible second before they need to be done. This can make your life stressful. The good news is that with these easy to follow tips and tricks, you can become, like, the best planner ever!

Paper & Pen
The first step is having a paper reminder walking around with you all day long. So get a small diary or notebook that you can carry around everyday.

List it
Create a daily to do list. Make it clear. Don’t just put: Saturday, sweep the yard and do laundry. State the exact time! Example: sweep the yard at 9am. Do the laundry at 1pm. Don’t forget to prioritise the list. Tackle the most important tasks first.

Treat yourself
The more fun something is, the more likely you’ll do it. Example: If you finish your essay this afternoon instead of an hour before it’s due, go get ice cream.

Avoid distraction
Procrastination has a BFF called Distraction. They like to make sure you watch videos instead of getting some serious work done. You’re going to need to drop Distraction like a bad boyfriend. Turn that phone off and focus on getting stuff done. You might try setting rules, like only looking at your phone when on break.

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Yah🤔 true to that✊👌 Ur story gave me that thing man💃😊 I've been trying to distance myself from people who disturb me in class...know I know what to 🤗do...thanks for ur📄📒📓📚

March 20, 2022, 8:57 p.m.

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Hello Nthabee We are glad you got inspired by this story.We wish you nothing but the best Springster.