AskSpringster: How do I start making money?

I want to help my mother at home with money

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Meet Lebogang:

Lebogang is trying to help her mom by making money for the household. As a 16 year old, she only has time after school and she wants to make sure her school work doesn’t suffer. Do you have any tips on making money after school?

Here is some of the advice from other fellow Springsters:

Hi Lebo,

It is great that you are trying to help your mother, you’re an awesome daughter. To make money while attending school, we suggest you tap into entrepreneurship. The easiest way you can make money is by figuring out your talents and interests and starting a business around it. If you have an interest in cars, perhaps you should start a car wash at your local grocery store over the weekends.

If you like baking, sell your goods at a market or your local church. If you like writing, you can start freelancing and writing for different magazines and newspapers

Three things you need to consider when you are starting a small business:

  • What are your talents?
  • Who is your market and how do you reach and advertise to them?
  • How do you price your service and good and make a profit

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