A day in the life of a DJ during the festive season

Miss Pru shares a slice of her life.

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One of the most popular deejays in South Africa, Miss Pru says her job is fun and glamourous. But it still needs hard work and discipline. This is a typical day in her life...

“I believe in a healthy lifestyle so the first thing I do in the morning is jog. This is followed by going to photoshoots or interviews. I love talking about my life and job because it gives my fans the opportunity to see where my career is going. Next comes preparation for my show, The Sound Evolution, on Touch Central. It airs from 8pm to 10pm. I always prepare ahead of time because I want my listeners to get the best show possible. My day ends with a live performance at a club or an event. This is my favourite time of day as I get to connect with the audience. I make sure to create a great vibe.

I went to deejaying school to learn the basic skills of deejaying, mental skills training, confidence coaching, controlling sound, strategic marketing, branding and technical skills, like how to use deejaying equipment.

To be a deejay, you need good listening skills, a good ear for rhythm, beats, and melody and know how to read the crowd’s mood and emotions so you can take them on a journey.

Miss Pru also teaches deejaying skills at Fuse DJ academy.

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March 20, 2022, 8:58 p.m.

if ur lake too do dj couse plz help me to be couse is nice my name is fana lefika

March 20, 2022, 8:58 p.m.

Nice!!! Well i dont know much about Deejaying but anyway Music is Music the end of the day. Am a 19year old Rapper and i have a crew of 3 including myself, The other guy is a Poet and the girl is a Vocalist. When we started We did a 1st track titled "Uthandolwethu" and it was a hit. Then we did an album which banged lastyear and still does even now in our Community and neighbouring communities. So the things is...its so motivating and Sad at the sametime when you get compliments from people around saying "you guys are too good, y'all sound like professionals, your music is soooh touching, you should take these further". Yes, i mean we do want to make it with these, its a Dream to us. Its what we good at. But we cannot because our parents do not support us in what we doing. I mean the only thing they want from us expecially mine. Its for me to go to school and finish college. Finish n klaar... My talent is not taken into consideration... Am from a disadvantaged background. Am the last hope to change where i come from. So i'd like to know how would you advise us from where we are to be able to reach our goals?

March 20, 2022, 8:58 p.m.

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Actually you get amazing music and you get horrible music